Who Is Osama Bin Laden's Influence On The Modern World

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This book “Inside Al Qaeda- Global network of Terror” depicts the rise of “Al Qaeda”, the extreme terrorist organization, as well as its influence on the modern world by the foremost leader- Osama bin Laden. Rohan Gunaratna, the author of the book, used comprehensive and knowledgeable approach to study this notorious multinational organization. His works almost involved in armed conflict. In this book, he specified how Osama bin Laden influenced by Azzam, his abecedarian, to join the jihad and why he formed this organization in the boundary between the Pakistan and Afghanistan, as well as what his ultimate purpose is. This is a complex and dangerous world, we will re- know our world from Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda, and to shape the best solution for us. Who is Osama Bin Laden? I believe his name is not unfamiliar. He is the primary enemy to the West countries after the 911 tragedy. Osama Bin Laden was the son of Muhammad bin Awdah bin Laden, who grew up at a well- off family. During the time of university, he devoted himself to Jihad doctrine, due to the effect from Azzam, one of the Islamist leadership. Azzam…show more content…
However, the organization and its doctrinal principle still exist. How the world should fix this thorny issues in response to the persistent threat will be the primary national strategy to those democratic countries. Because the terrorist still believe that their conducts are following the God’s will, therefore, no any tangible or specific approach can remove their firm thoughts. In accordance with author’s opinion, every country ought to prepare short, mid, and long term response to reflect the arms projection from Al Qaeda and other terroristic organization. Thus, the homeland security has become the key consideration to the
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