Who Is Peter Singer Persuasive Essay

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People in the United States take money for granted like no other country in the world. We don’t seem to understand that people across the world are starving to death, and making less money in a day than a casual American will spend on a soda. America is only the 3rd most giving country in the world! Which I find astonishing, one might think that’s pretty good, however with all the resources we have in this country, I feel that is an embarrassing statistic. Throughout this reading I will be talking about two well-known philosophers Emmanuel Kant, and Peter Singer and their distinctions on the way people are spending their money, and how we can save life’s by maximizing possessions. In this paper I will argue that one should be able to help the underprivileged people with the benefits that we have here in America, and be able to sacrifice their own assets, for the betterment of our society.
Peter Singer is a well-known philosopher, a lot of his most famous works are on Applied Ethics, and one of his biggest works “The Life You Can Save” is about trying to help the people in absolute poverty. Peter Singer’s argument claims if you have the means to
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One claim against Singer’s argument for example would be, if I donated a portion of money to help people out in countries that are not as fortunate. How would me, this one particular person help make a big enough difference to help that vast number of people that are suffering out. Even if I gave a lot of money, goods, or materials one person can’t help billions of anguished people out. Although you would hope people would follow in suit with those actions, one can’t guarantee that people will pay it forward with good intentions. However just because other people aren’t going to help the deprived people, doesn’t mean one shouldn’t assist them. According to Singer if you are not sacrificing anything of moral importance, you ought to do the
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