Who Is President Nixon's Power To Executive Privacy?

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The president of the United States does have some powers that many people, including myself question, and who are concerned with the potential of his/her position becoming a branch of its own and sprouting into a vine that could slowly overtake the rest of the branches. But I also believe that with special care and regulation that it could be prevented. For example, many of these powers that have become a concern are mostly informal powers, that come from the ideas from the Constitution and could be more easily and understandably regulated, with the appropriate policies. Just like how the president used to be able to send U.S. troops if deemed necessary to him/her without congress 's declaration of war, but now have to give a 60-day notice to them whenever they do and need approval either way.…show more content…
One of the powers in question is the president’s power to executive privilege, and define what is to be evidence that could potentially breach national security. I understand that this is an appropriate power for a president of a major country, that has friends as well as foes, whose intentions are to be accounted for. But how President Nixon deemed his recordings to be possibly harmful to national security, was visibly contradictory to what the power was meant to
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