Who Is Radley's Collard Patch In To Kill A Mockingbird

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From the Radley’s collard patch to the courthouse, Charles Baker Harris, known as Dill by Jem and Scout, leads the Finch children in a series of interesting adventures in To Kill a Mockingbird. He first meets them Miss Rachel’s collard patch, but he quickly intrigues them with creative storytelling and improved games. When he first meets them and tells them where he came from, Scout becomes dubious, but Jem accepts him. After all, Dill saw Dracula. The Finch’s new friend is curious, creative, and sensitive. Dill’s curiosity brought him and his friends into a series of adventures at the Radley place. He dares Jem to touch the house, saying, “I won’t say you ran out on a dare an’ I’ll trade you The Grey Ghost if you just go up and touch the house (18).” His curious nature often gets the children in trouble, such as the time Jem lost his pants during the children’s expedition into the Radley’s collard patch. Although Atticus suspects something, Dill convinces the adults that they were playing strip poker (with matches) down by Miss Rachel’s pond. Even after the close call, Dill continues to try to make Boo come out. He finally stops when he understands why Boo stays in the house.…show more content…
The first time he meets the Finch children, enchants them with the story of when he saw Dracula. He continues to tell them interesting stories and brings new life to their games. “Dill was a villain’s villain: he could get into any character part assigned him, and appear tall if height was part of the devilry required (52).” He came up with new twists in the children’s narrative of Boo Radley, such as Mrs. Radley’s missing finger. Dill’s creativity keeps the children entertained even when they run out of
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