Who Is Responsible For Apollo's Downfall

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Tell me, Muse, of the twins Apollo and Artemis who were driven by devotion to protecting their mother Leto. Of how Apollo driven by insanity sought to create destruction Of humanity, and of the many pains he caused for vengeance. Even so, mad crazed Apollo would not stop until the Light Bearer, Athena, intervened before the sun god Was destroyed by his own impulsiveness, leaving the Earth Shrouded in forever darkness. Twins born from the king of Gods and a daughter of the Titans. Leto, among the favorites of Zeus’ lovers, caught the eye Of the infuriated Hera, who sought to push Leto out of Olympus. She forbade any place under the heavens and sun, To offer shelter to the deity and her unborn children. But no longer could she wait, the…show more content…
On a night when a full moon would have shown, Apollo raced towards Earth in his blinding light. Twas’ excruciatingly painful as it moved closer. Not a single eye could be kept open, as both Mortals and immortals shielded their eyes against the light of the powerful Sun God. Lives perished that day, bodies burned, eyes blinded With no one able to stop Apollo 's hateful attack, Mortals suffered by the plenty on that day but soon Apollo was unable to continue the attack for his energy had run out. Backing away, proud at his work, he went on home. He had killed the men who took his mother’s life yet impulsive he was and mad crazed that he could no longer stop. Fear quickly spread across the lands of Both mortals and immortals alike. Attack after attack, on every full moon, lamenting that Their family appointed meetings would no longer resume. Apollo charged until Earth had become almost desolate. No other God was able to confront Apollo or control his rage, as his power only surpassed their own. Artemis, gentle one, deeply saddened at what he had become swept across the land, and sought out to find An answer or anything that might bring back her sensible
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