Who Is Responsible For Jfk Assassination

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One could observe the history of human as a history of assassinations. For instance, in Chinese history, Emperor Tai Zong of Song murdered Emperor Tai Zu of Song, his brother, for the crown. In British history, Sir Robert Graham assassinated King James the First. In French history, Jacques Clement killed Henry the Third. Not only did such immoral events occur in the old world, they also occurred in the new world. President Abraham Lincoln was the first American President who died of murder. American officials announced his death the day after John Wilks Booth shot him in Ford’s Theater, Washington, D.C. This incident set the precedent for the much crime committed to later American presidents. Some of the victims included President Theodor Roosevelt, President Franklin Roosevelt and President John F. Kennedy.…show more content…
For instance, there were many explanations to the death of Emperor Tai Zu of Song. Some of the historians believed that his brother committed the murder; however, some historians believed the he committed suicide. Similarly, a number of historians believed that Andrew Johnson was involved in the homicide of President Lincoln, while others denied this theory. The assassination of President Kennedy was one of the most famous ones among all. Even today, over half of the American population still doubted the official explanation, provided by the Warren Commission. However, Oswald’s connection to the rifle that fired at President Kennedy and Oswald’s personality would demonstrate otherwise. Furthermore, the personality of the man who murdered Oswald, Jack Ruby, also dictated that the involvement of a conspiracy was not possible. Moreover, since the Single Bullet Theory was correct according to the Zapruder film the Warren Commission’s conclusion on the assassination has been still
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