Who Is Responsible For Napoleon's Downfall

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It is even proclaimed that Napoleon rode away from the small town in tears. Just 4 days later, on June 22, 1815 Napoleon was once again forced to abdicate, this time to the remote, British held territory of St. Helena, far off the coast of Africa. He later died on the same island on May 5, 1821, where he was buried on the island, against his will. Nonetheless, his remains were returned to France and entombed in a crypt in Les Invalides, located in Paris, in 1840. Throughout Napoleon’s military career, he was able to defy all of Europe, and is still able to set the standard of a military leader that we still look to today. He was able to go from being a Jacobin, to a prominent military figure in France, and through a coup become 1st Consul of France before making himself the Emperor of France a few years later. He was able to defy all of Europe for over a decade,…show more content…
His Napoleonic Code was able to get rid of the privileges of the Estates, instituted banking reform, and allowed freedom of religion. Napoleon’s genius tactics helped keep his empire alive for such a long time, and he was able to win what very few men throughout history were capable of winning. At the same time, he did have some negative contributions. First, he forced himself to power, and suppressed all opposition against him. He also closed down all press he did not approve of, and used propaganda to glorify himself with his successes and blamed his failures on others. He created a Napoleonic aristocracy where his family members became Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses. He also mowed down protesting mobs with cannons, doing anything in his power to suppress opposition. He even used bags filled with sharp metal, and launched it in cannons, killing with terrifying effectiveness. But not everything Napoleon did was bad. I chose to write about him because he revolutionized warfare and tactics. He was able to fend off and defeat coalition forces many times, and
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