Who Is Responsible For Othello's Downfall

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Othello’s Demise Othello, the lead character in William Shakespeare’s play Othello, is done in by the same character attributes, which propelled him to become a great military leader. He has accomplished great victories in battle to the likes, of no others. He is held in high regard throughout the nations as one of the greatest military leaders and is called upon to fight in the most challenging battles successfully. There is no deterrence, by Othello even though his is not of the same race or from the same country, whom he defends. The characteristics of Othello includes passion, obligation, courage, jealousy and intelligence. These are great characteristics to have, but proves to eventually lead to Othello’s demise. Othello was a foreigner from Africa who was sort of accepted into the Venetian society, only because of his excellent track record of winning wars, but he was an outsider and never fully accepted. Othello enjoyed the status and luxuries of being a General and leading the defense of Venice. He also understood that he…show more content…
When fighting a war, you must be obligated to the fight and the mission dictated down through the ranks. Othello was conditioned to command a military fleet and to lead in ways that folks serving him would respect his command and carry out the command fluently. Othello was better conditioned to believe the lies been told to him or revealed to him by his military commandos, who was obligated to each other possibly by oath. He had only been married to Desdemona for a short while and was a socially weak person. He was not conditioned to evaluate her truths over the lies been told. She could not present the evidence required to be exonerated, per Othello’s logic. Othello lost it mentally and lent more to the obligation trait of the military which in his mind caused for the execution of Desdemona and death of

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