Who Is Responsible For President Kennedy's Assassination Murders

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Presidential Murder November 22 1963, Dallas Texas, it was a like a scene from a movie, outside the skies were such a deep blue that you got lost in wondering how far out it went until a soft wispy cloud would slowly blow past and remind you that somewhere in all the blue nothingness there seemed to be something more to it.It was the middle of fall so it was warm in the everywhere the sun hit and when the wind blew it was a breath of fresh air.God himself couldn’t have created a more perfect day. Everybody in the Dallas area had come out to see President Kennedy give a speech. The streets were filled, so much so that there was no room to breathe. Like they were greeted by their own at a family reunion the citizens of Dallas welcomed them with cheering, handshakes, even a bouquet of long stemmed red roses for his wife. They were…show more content…
When over the loudspeaker she had heard “ Here’s a bulletin from CBS News. President Kennedy has been a victim of an assassin’s bullets in Dallas, Texas. It is not known as of yet if the president survived the attack against him. . . “ (JFK Coverage). She instantly became sick, her stomach tied in knots, her chest began to ache like someone had been crushing her upper ribs, she couldn’t bear to listen anymore. As shock and devastation flooded over her and the rest who had heard the tragic news, the entire lot went completely silent, seconds seemed to drag on and on, minutes felt like hours as it all slowly sank in. Like a deer in the headlights Judy sat there, longing to leave but not able to move or speak, just sitting there paralyzed until her food had arrived. She turned to her boyfriend and he read her like a book, she needn 't say a word as he left to return back to the high

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