Who Is Responsible For The Holocaust

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People that could have Stopped the Holocaust

The Nazis killed two-thirds of all the Jews living in Europe. The Holocaust affected many people all around the world. It mostly affected the Jews the most. Many people including Allied countries, SS officers are responsible for this horrific event. The Allied Countries were the main top reason why the Holocaust happened the way it did. "We could hear the cannons very close buy. But we no longer had the strength or courage to think that the Germans would run out of time, that the Russians would reach us before being evacuated." (95-96) Now the prisoners could hear the cannons from the USSR or Soviet Union, so this explains that the Allied Countries did try to help but it just was not fast enough in that so many people were already killed by this time. Another important detail about this group of people is "The SS were headed toward the solitary confinement cell." (61) The Allied countries did do something but just not enough. The prisoners might of thought that the SS were going to kill them too, but that was not true. The Minor Nazi soldiers were also responsible for some part of
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In the book, Wiesel states " Do not kill yourself. There is no hurry. But watch out. Do not let a top SS catch you."(50) The people were afraid of the top officers would catch them killing themselves or else they might "finish you off". The top SS officers need to be communicating to the minor SS officers to make a plan to end the Holocaust.The other quote is "It all went well. Do not worry. Nothing will will happen to anyone. Not to anyone...."(72) This means that the Top SS officers are telling the minor officers to say do not worry to the prisoners but it is not true. If they had enough time to discuss that lie, they could have discussed their real feelings about the
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