Who Is Responsible For The Tragedy In Romeo And Juliet

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We all know the tragedies around Romeo and Juliet and this point. There are many debates about why all of these things happened and three people stood out, who may be responsible for these acts. Some are the Prince, Juliet's Parents, and Romeo. A quick overview if you don't know the story, there are two different houses, Capulet and Montague. A party is thrown in the house of the Capulets and Romeo and Mercutio go in and dance. This is where our two lovers meet and change the lives of everyone around them. Problems start to arise and hatreds are formed. Eventually Romeo and Juliet both end up dead and the houses finally join together in peace. Firstly I will start with why the prince is responsible for the tragedies. So the prince is the guiding figure for all of this chaos that ensues throughout the play. He breaks up countless fights and also delivers the punishments along with them. “I will be deaf to pleading and excuses. Nor Tears nor prayers shall pay for these abuses. Therefore use none, Let Romeo hence in haste, Else when he’s found, that hour is last.”(Act 3 scene 1) If you don't understand that it basically states that Romeo can run for now, unless he wants to serve the death penalty. This starts a chain of events which leads…show more content…
I will start with a quote when the play really starts to heat up. “How! Will she none? Doth she not give us thanks? Is she not proud? Doth she not count her blessed, unworthy as she is, that we have wrought, so worthy a gentleman to be her bridegroom?”(Act 3 scene 5) Juliet’s parents send Juliet into even more stress after hearing about the banishment of Romeo. She goes through many phases during this, and even tells the audience if the friar can't help her, she will end her own life. Also the parents disapprove of her marrying Romeo just because he’s different. If they would have said ok Juliet there wouldn’t have been these
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