Who Is Responsible In Macbeth's Downfall

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Lady Macbeth plays a significant role in Macbeth’s downfall. Which led to the question was his downfall primarily caused by Lady Macbeth? Throughout the play, Macbeth is being seen as a brave and honourable warrior but later on he was influenced by Lady Macbeth which led him to drive his greed of becoming a king even more and this is one of the reasons that led him to his downfall.
One of Lady Macbeth’s trick was questioning his manhood. “And, to be more what you were, you Be so much more the man”. She does this to make him continue with the plan by defending his dignity and pride as a man. It is clear from this point that the dominant person between the two is Lady Macbeth as she would go as far as questioning his husband’s manhood in order to achieve her ambition and proceed with the plan. In the Elizabethan era, the husband should be in charge of the family but in the play, we could see that Lady Macbeth is not a typical Elizabethan woman as she’s able to tease Macbeth, this shows that she has a higher status than Macbeth.
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“Was the hope drunk, wherein you dressed yourself”, here Lady Macbeth views him as too weak to chase his ambition. She’s using reverse phycology to trick him into viewing himself as a coward by doing so he, might stand up for himself go with the plan. She’s acting as if she was more powerful than Macbeth which shows the swap of the gender roles. “To full of milk of human kindness” this shows that gender roles are being swapped as Macbeth is too kind to proceed with the plan. She will continue questioning his manliness till she’s able to manipulate and influence

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