Who Is Responsible In The Crucible

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In the being of the Crucible Reverend John Hale felt pride that he was a specialist in the field of witchcraft. He did everything thing that he know how to do but that was not enough to bring a court to Salem. When the author wrote the book people were dealing with the threat of communism and how they thought that it would corrupt the world and get into America. Hale in the story made a choice to stop the hangings, when there was left only the most respected people in Salem but the judge would not hear it. when the court went too far hale just had to quit and when he returned he said to Goody Proctor “..., I have gone this three month like our Lord into the wilderness. …” (miller, 132). But earlier in the play everyone was just looking for someone to blame. Hale was looking for people to just confess and tell the truth and maybe get a reduced sentence. Hale is of good faith and only wants what is good for people and he thought that trying to help fight witchcraft and get rid of it would help the world. when I think of Hale I think of a man who likes to do the will of God and will do anything for that. I believe that Hale is good and at the end he is trying to redeem himself for what he had done to the people of salem. I know from personal experience that people will do…show more content…
when the play continues everything starts to take the turn for the worst and people are being accused of being a witch or sometimes saying more. Hale starts to question the integrity of the court and wonders if hanging is the right thing to do. When people try to convince that you are not what you say you are or do what they say you do, they are trying to see if you will go back to your old ways. In the play we see that the children are just trying to get the other people to say that they are infact are witches in Salem even though we (the reader) know that they were the ones dabbling in the Dark
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