Who Is Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Prey?

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The Most Dangerous Prey How far is the average person from becoming a savage killer? It is difficult to imagine the possibility of a normal person being able to make this transition. Society tends to think that the difference between an average person and a murderer is simply mental disorder. However, what if you were to discover that you yourself are capable of slipping into this darkness more easily than you’d think. The real deciding factor in whether or not a person makes this transition is whether or not they give into their primal instincts. Once a person begins embracing their primal instincts there is no limit to what they are capable of doing. “The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell, takes you on a realistic journey that shows how a sick game can cause a person to ignore their morals and embrace their inner violent nature. General Zaroff is a prime example of a realistic villain who has given into his base animal desires. While it is discovered later on in the story that General Zaroff is a monster, in the beginning, he doesn 't appear to be such. During their first encounter sees nothing particularly malicious in the General’s demeanor. In the story,Rainsford observed that “He was finding the general a most thoughtful…show more content…
With the right circumstances, any person can find themselves a slave to their inner violence. The Most Dangerous Game shows the story of two characters who both embrace their inner violence for different reasons. General Zaroff is a perfect example of someone who has given into his primal need for violence for far too long. Due to his desire to survive, Rainsford abandoned his humanity in favor of embracing his more animal instincts. The desire to commit violence is deep within every person, no matter the time period. Human beings are far from perfect, but that is what makes us unique. The fact that humans are flawed creatures is alright, what’s truly impressive is when a person can ignore their inner darkness and be a good
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