Who Is Tertullian's Rule Of Faith?

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Tertullian said, “Faith and reason are as different as day and night, theology and philosophy should not be mixed together” (Kerr, p. 39). He understood philosophy to be worldly, inconstant and destructive to Christian faith (Kerr, p. 40). In Tertullian’s The Rule of Faith, he states: “Christ laid down one definite system of truth which the world must believe without qualification, and which we must seek precisely in order to believe it when we find it” (Kerr, p. 41). Tertullian exerted for purity and focus in seeking God’s truth, once this truth was discovered there was no need to look further (Kerr, p. 41).
Justin Martyr tried to convince them that the great Hebrew thinkers were wiser philosophers; he even attempted to show that the prophets

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