Who Is The Antagonist In A Streetcar Named Desire

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Dangerous Attractions Human existence is generally defined by the interactions and connections made with others. Some interactions are encouraging, and will be built off positive aspects and shared interests. While beneficial relations blossom into a friendship containing mutual trust and respect, however, other connections do not grow as well and have roots in envy, deceit, and hatred. Relationships constructed upon disagreement and distrust end in one or both parties being wounded. Characters in literary works are no different and have relationships just as humans outside of the pages do, and the connections made between characters can be either positive or negative. Although both types of exchanges can have a profound effect on a story, the power of contrasting characters and…show more content…
A Streetcar Named Desire is no exception, for Williams produces two characters, Stanley Kowalski and Blanche DuBois, whose wants and needs are worlds apart. DuBois, on one hand, is a broken women. Due to her disturbing past, she is unsure of herself and others and is troubled by haunting recollections of her past. As Stella Kowalski describes, DuBois was once naïve and trusting of both herself and others. However, men and women took advantage of her amicability as evil people often do and made her close herself off by becoming callas, unfeeling, and protective of her already torn heart. With Stella Kowalski no longer residing at Bell Reve and all other family members ailing, DuBois was left in charge of Belle Reve and its finances, which also contributed to DuBois’s break with reality (Williams). DuBois had to stand by and watch everyone she knows die, yet she couldn’t run away as Stella Kowalski did, for she contains a perseverant attitude and therefore could not break down and be weak. She stayed strong, cold, and
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