Who Is The Antagonist In Freak The Mighty

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In the book Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick Grim and Gram were out of character they usually aren 't yelling at each other. Max was down in the cellur and heard the whole conversation. Grim was thinking of buying a gun then Gram started crying on how he shouldn 't buy one. They also talked about how Killer Kane can just take it right out of his hands and shoot him and how he was on patrol. After that Grim went down to the cellar where Max was, and grim usually tells Max to clean his room and put his dirty socks and cloths inside his closet but he didn 't he sat on his bed. Max asked ‘’are you going to buy a gun’’ Grim responds’’maybe I will maybe I wont and it breaks my heart to lie to her that 's one thing I 've done’’ this

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