Who Is The Antagonist In Raymond E. Feist's Magici Master

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Magician: Master, (The second book in the Magician Series), written by Raymond E. Feist, is a work of Fantasy. It was published in 1994. The story is told from the third person omniscient point of view and is told by a multitude of characters. The story shows both sides of the war that is happening, so there are two sets of protagonists and antagonists. The first protagonists are the people of Midkemia who are fighting in a war against the Tsurani and Guy du Bas-Tyra’s army. The Tsurani, the antagonists, are invaders from another world stationed on Midkemia to take the metals from out of the ground, and bring them back to their homeworld where they have a very small amount. Guy du Bas-Tyra, another antagonist, is a member of the Empire, and is trying to take control of it in its weak state, this is due to the war being fought. The second set of protagonists are the Tsurani who are fighting off an evil they have been fighting since the beginning of time; an evil only known as The Enemy. The Enemy, the antagonist, is a very vague mysterious thing. The Tsurani are constantly at risk of the Enemy coming and bringing their world to where it resides. A dynamic character in this book is the man called Pug/Milamber. He is a dynamic character because he goes from a captured slave, something no one on that planet cares about, to what…show more content…
Raymond E. Feist is an author of many books and is better known for his short stories and his Riftwar Cycle. This series is the first of ten so far, and they all have a similar fantasy theme throughout them. All these books may have been sparked from a game he and his friends the “Friday Nighters” used to play. This game was a roleplaying game, an alternative to Dungeons and Dragons, involving a world known as Midkemia. This world is the setting where the story first starts, a world very similar to
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