Who Is The Antagonist In The Call Of The Wild

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Writer Jack London wrote a 3rd person limited omniscient a fairly difficult thing to do in his time. The book he did this with is Call of the Wild a fiction novel. The setting is of one before my generation, but does wonders to help the imagination of the story itself. The setting of the story is the era of the Yukon ( close to present day Alaska, which does not become part of the USA until much later in history) gold rush. The time is the year 1896.

The main character (also known as the protagonist) is Buck a massive St.Bernard and Scotch Shepherd dog mix that weighs 140 pound.
There are a few antagonist in this story. The man in the red sweater that taught Buck the rules about men with clubs. Buck at times was his own antagonist by doubting himself. The weather and location is of a harsh environment that must be mastered to survive and thrive in. Spitz is another great opposing character. They end up dueling each other for the dominance of the sled team leader in the end. At the end when Buck decides to let the wild out some, he is with John Thornton and they have a true bound until a pack of Indians kill John. When Buck finds John Thornton dead he decides to leave mankind behind and answer The Call of the Wild.
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After he was stolen from the Judge, he meets the man in the red sweater who teaches him the rules about men with clubs. He then joins his first dog team delivering mail with Perrault and Francois. He has to fight Spitz to become the lead dog, Buck wins this fight. Then he goes to what will be his last dog team and runs with them until he meets John Thornton. Then Buck pulls a thousand pound sled one hundred yards. John Thornton and Buck go to search for gold, and they never return. John Thornton is murdered by indians and Buck is left allow to answers the Call of the
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