Who Is The Beastie In Lord Of The Flies

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Lord OF The Flies All people have evil inside of them, no matter how innocent they may seem. In the book Lord Of The Flies by William Golding, evil can be found in places we least expect to look in, witch is ourselves. The book has many elements of evil, and some of the boys know that and use it towards their advantage to gain power. As the book progresses, the boys transform from being a group of educated school boys, to a group of wild scavengers who have the thirst for excitement. The book Lord Of The Flies by William Golding characterizes that evil can be found in everyone and it is world wide. Piggy 's glasses is one of the most important symbols that can be found in the book. The glasses represent many things such as: civilization, safety, rescue, knowledge, reality, light, and evil. William Golding first mentions the importance of the glasses when all the boys decide to make a signal fire in the hopes of getting seen by a passing ship. When the boys figure out…show more content…
The bestie is a important symbol in this book because it symbolizes, fear, evil, and control. The beastie theory starts when multiple little nuns start having nightmares about a beast that lurks on the island. Jack realizes that he can use the beastie theory to his advantage to gain power over the other boys. “Now he says it was a bestie”. “Beastie?” “a snake thing. Ever so big . He saw it “(35). In this quote the beastie was introduced to all the boys. The hunter say that they will look for the beastie the next time they go hunting, making all the little nuns looking up to them for safety. But they don 't know that by looking up to them is nothing but a trick to get Jack more followers. The beastie shows one of the boys named Simon that it is nothing but their conscience that is making them believe that there is a beast. He learns that the beast is actually themselves. The beastie relates to Golding 's theme about how evil lurks in everyone of us, and that is exactly what the beastie
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