Who Is The Character Of August In 'Wonder' By Auggie Pullman

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The main character of “Wonder” is August/Auggie Pullman. August is a 10-year-old boy and is attending school for the first time. August has long bangs that conceal his face to people, due to his facial issues. As for his face we do not ever get a description of his face, although he does use the quote “I will not describe how I look, but whatever your thinking it is probably worse”. This kind of gives me the idea that he has a deformed face, but not that bad, this line however contrasts to how the characters react when they see his face meaning that if a child happened to see his face it would give them the chills. Also during part 3 when Summer asks August about his face he respond that he has a rare disorder called mandibulofacial…show more content…
Also another way that we can see that August is kind is when we take a look at the precept he sent to his teacher “Everyone deserves a standing ovation since we all overcometh the word”. This shows that he is kind because he cares about everyone and how this quote kind of implies that everyone should succeed in what they want to do. Lastly I would say is that Auggie is a very brave person. By brave I do not mean in the way of a knight or someone, but in his own way he is very brave. The reason why I think August Pullman is nice is because even though he knew about the circumstances that going to school would put him in he still went because his parents had wanted him to go. In my opinion that takes some guts to do. Also after the incident that happened to with him and his best friend Jack Will where Jack Will said something mean about Auggie, he still showed up and carried on with his school life. Also he tried to talk his way out of getting a beating by the 7th graders that were bothering him and Jack even though they were two times his size. This what I think August’s character traits
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