Who Is The Curtain In 'Hills Like White Elephants'?

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“Hills Like White Elephants” is the short fiction story published in the 1927 collection “Men Without Women” of Ernest Hemingway. He is a famous American author. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, considered one of the great innovators in twentieth century about fiction. Hemingway did very well in using metaphors in his work. This short story contains many characteristic symbols. Behind the significant symbols like the train, two lines of rails or two strings of beads as well as the curtain is all about the relationship between Jig and the American man, two main characters. The story concentrates on the conservation between Jig and the unnamed-American man at the bar near the station where they are waiting for the train to Madrid. Throughout the story, the author doesn’t mention to what the couple’s relationship exactly is, but we know that Jig is having a pregnant with this man. However, he doesn’t want to have the baby and he tries to persuade Jig to have abortion. The conservation is going to be more complicated when both of them have…show more content…
That is the symbol of the bamboo curtain. It is repeated pretty much in the story and described hang across the open door to keep out flies. As usual, the curtain is used covering the window or door to avoid the sun is to shiny as well as people look through your room. Basically, the curtain is to hide, separate, sunder, or divide something. As its meaning, we can easily relate to the situation of this couple. They are divided by the curtain of social, the curtain of the old rules. Looking at the scene of this story which is in 1927 when the education about sex and birth control wasn’t popular. The couples who had unintended pregnancy or had children without married received stigmas from everyone. That is the reason why Jig and the man don’t have many options to solve their problem. Leading to have an opened ending that the author give readers
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