Who Is The Dumbest Generation

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Who is the dumbest generation? Do you think that generation Z is the dumbest generation, or the smartest generation? Whatever you think may or may not change during this essay. I firmly believe that our generation is the dumbest generation. The reason why that point was stated was because the average American will spend up to 10,000 hours on playing video games, rather than reading a book, or reviewing for a test. We rely too much on electronics, smart phones, or Google. People do not really pay attention to anything that is around them, or in front of them. When was the last real conversation you and another person had? “…Dumbest…if it means “holding the least knowledge,” then he has a case.” In an article that I have read, it was talking…show more content…
A lot of teenagers would rather be at home rather than learn, and become something in life. A good amount of education can get you somewhere in life, believe me, I’ve had experience. “One survey found that one out of every five teen girls actually wants to be a teen mom.” Our generation is going down. Teenagers would rather drop out and become mothers and fathers at such a young age, I have nothing against it, but education would help you achieve your dreams, and your desires. Parenting, being one of the older siblings, is really hard. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim." This hadith doesn’t just go for Muslims but also for everyone who sees it. Knowledge in our generation is huge because we need to teach the people who are younger than us, the next generation. “When a teenager is watching someone stuff a marshmallow in his mouth on YouTube, he’s obviously not learning about the Gettysburg’s address, or following what’s on with the health care debate.” That identifies with the theme that we scarcely pay consideration on the world. Let's be realistic, we don't generally recollect what the Gettysburg's location
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