Who Is The Fault In Romeo And Juliet

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While Romeo and Juliet both perished by their own hands, I believe their death ultimately arose due to the characters in the novel and the choices that they made. More specifically, I believe Romeo Montague's character to be at the fault of both lovers dying. By looking at Romeo and his character traits, we can observe many characteristics that are destructive towards society as a whole. Among these are his overly romantic nature, his impulsivity, and his desire to seek revenge and right wrongs. Here is why I believe Romeo killed Romeo and Juliet. To start, Romeo has a very amorous nature, to the point of being a fault. As shown not only in Juliet, but others alike, this has lead to more pain and suffering due to the severity of his liking. Romeo first loves Rosaline due to her good looks. He loved her so much that when she failed to return the love back, it sent him into a deep and troubling depression. This depression was only broken by sneaking into a Capulet ball, only to meet the stunning daughter of Capulet, Juliet. He once again fell for Juliet for her good looks saying…show more content…
This can be demonstrated when he slays Tybalt after he killed Mercutio, saying “Either thou or I, or both, must go with him.”( Shakespeare ,Romeo and Juliet, 3.1.134). As demonstrated in this quote, this vengeful nature that Romeo acquires only leads to more problems. ated many problems and set up both of tIn this instance, the desire to avenge Mercutio leads to the banishment of Romeo, the downfall of Tybalt, conflict in the heart of Juliet, and the mutual family hatred growing ever more. Though it would have been much harder to take the difficult choice, and not fight, it would have certainly have saved the lives of both involved, and also prevent the death of Juliet. Often times taking the harder choice can lead to an easier life going onward, while taking the easier choice will lead to more problems in the long
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