Who Is The Friar To Blame In Romeo And Juliet

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In the play, Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, two star crossed lovers are forced to take their lives. A series of misfortunate events cause the young couple to commit suicide for each other, but who could had lead them to this breaking point? Clues in the story cause the reader to think that Friar Lawrence is the one to blame. Friar Lawrence is a hypocrite, and defied virtues of a friar. Everyday Romeo and Juliet would go and talk to Friar Lawrence about what they have been thinking about or difficult events that had been happening. Romeo even told Friar Lawrence that he loved Juliet immediately after meeting her. Romeo would never risk telling his parents about liking Juliet this early in the relationship, since they wouldn't…show more content…
He was trained to be kind, responsible, and believe in humility, but one of the Friar’s biggest issues was his ego and his lack of following through. He thought that he was the only person smart enough to make peace between the two feuding houses. He thought that marrying Romeo and Juliet would automatically make peace and when it didn't, he makes up a plan that could had fixed the families and saved their children if he had executed it correctly. He was so pleased that he made a plan that seemed infallible, he sent away a letter to Romeo explaining his idea and not to worry if you hear about juliet dying because she is just under a sleeping potion, But He did say of the urgency of the letter to the deliver and it doesn't get sent in time. Meanwhile Juliet is alone in a tomb with nobody watching her, The Friar should had been there making sure she was safe. Plus he knew that Romeo did not get the letter, so if he came by to “pay his respects to Juliet he would be there to let him know of the situation if he stopped by. But because he was so sure his plan was perfect by the time he came to make sure Juliet was awake he found Romeo and Paris dead and Juliet saying she is killing herself. He runs away so people don't think it was him and then he re enters and then confesses of his wrongdoings. “I will be brief, for my short date of
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