Who Is The Lost Monster In Frankenstein

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The Lost Monster and Frankenstein The novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley was about a man who had thought he created something great and then realized his creation was an absolute monster. Within the novel Frankenstein many themes were presented throughout the story, the three major themes that were emphasized are knowledge is dangerous, nothing can be kept in the dark, and nature influences behavior. Throughought the novel the monster Victor Frankenstein had created kept learning its purpose.The monster was gaining more knowledge on his purpose. As time progressed the monster started to heavily question his existence, “ Did I request thee, Maker from my clay. To mould me Man, did I solicit thee From darkness to promote me”(Shelly 78) ? This monster is vulnerable and at a stagninant place in his life. On the contrary…show more content…
Frankenstein was very secretive to the monster. Unfortuantely for Frankenstein the monster began to gradually learn,”I avoided explanation and maintained a continual silence concerning the wretch I had created. I had a persuassion that I should be supposed mad , and this in itself would forever chain my tongue”(Shelley 124). Frankenstein felt guilty and was almost in shock in this situation. However Frankenstein had many warnings from nature itself. Throughout the novel Frankenstein nature heavily influenced behavior,”As I stood at the door, on a sudden I beheld a stream of fire issue from an old and beautiful oak which stood about twenty yards from our house; and so soon as the dazzling light vanished , the oak had disappeared, and nothing remained but a blasted stump”(Shelley 138). Nature always appeared to be one step ahead throughout the whole novel. Frankenstein exhibits many themes throughout the novel with several minor themes like you can not choose your consequences, and life is short. On the other hand the three major themes in the novel are, knowledge is dangerous, nothing can be kept in the
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