Who Is The Misunderstood In Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a play written to describe the death of Julius Caesar and the trials that happen after. Although the story is written with the intention of focusing on the effect of Julius Caesar on the people of Rome, it indirectly focuses on Marcus Brutus and the consequences of his decision to kill Caesar. I believe Brutus was misunderstood in much of the work. Throughout the play, he was portrayed as a murderer and a backstabber rather than a noble man who faced much inner turmoil over the situations he was put into. I sympathize with Brutus considering that he is blamed for the death of a tremendous leader. It is ignored that he was put in a terrible situation and believed he was doing what was best. I believe Brutus and I share a manifold similar qualities. First, we live genuinely honest lives. We have openness with our opinions and feelings toward a situation. In Julius Caesar, Brutus revealed his fears of Caesar becoming king to Cassius, which became his first mistake. I am especially open to my friends respecting how certain situations affect me and I will state my opinion without…show more content…
We show this through our confidence in unplanned decisions. Brutus feels that he has to kill Caesar for the prosperity of Rome, though he never visualizes the implications it will have on his future. I often will support an idea that I just heard without imagining the logistics necessary to establish the thought or the consequences others will face from it. Also, we always feel that our actions were justified. In the play, Brutus never regretted killing Caesar for the reason that he did it for Rome’s best interest. I also rarely regret my actions since I recognize that there had to have been a reason for them. An example of this is ending a friendship with a person for being a horrible influence; I realize it had been a toxic relationship, even if I miss the
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