Who Is The Monster In Beowulf

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Beowulf is is a well known piece of literature, as it is the first piece of English literature known to man. It is an epic poem that tells the story of a great hero named Beowulf, who fights three monster throughout the story. The three monsters are Grendel, Grendel's Mother, and the
Dragon. Beowulf teaches many important traits throughout the story, that are still valued traits in today's society. Some of these traits include courage, bravery, loyalty and duty, and honesty.
Beowulf's bravery was shown when he volunteered to help the Danes in their fight with Grendel, and not only did he stop there, but when he had defeated Grendel he stuck around for a little longer to slay Grendel's mother who had made herself known after the death of her
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Beowulf also has a lot of in common with modern day because he has to face evils in his life just like people today. The first evil Beowulf must face is Grendel. Grendel, the seed of
Cain, is a frightening image of physical evil. Grendel has an unquenchable thirst for blood and no amount of deaths will ever satisfy him. As the good guy Beowulf must fight him one on one with nothing but his bare hands. Beowulf finally overcomes him by just outsmarting him. After the death of Grendel a new enemy makes herself known, Grendel's Mother. No matter who or what it is a mother will always protect their baby and and if that baby is taken away from her then she will unleash a fury. Grendel's mother acts upon the code "an eye for an eye"
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Taking only one victim, she flees the hall. Beowulf now pursues her, bursting into her home, and she welcomes him in an embrace . Beowulf doubts his capacities and his men almost give up on him. Beowulf must turn to the monster's own weapon, a magic sword which he uses to defeat her. The third and final enemy Beowulf is the Dragon. The difference between this enemy is that before a thief tried stealing its treasure it was doing nothing but minding its own business. By the time Beowulf must face the dragon he is an old and honored king and is well out of his prime. This final battle is a battle in which Beowulf is well out matched with the dragons ability to control flame and flight. Though innocent of the thievery, Beowulf must defend his people and his kingdom. This third encounter is high tragedy, for Beowulf is no longer a naive adolescent, confident in the power of his arms, but an old man who knows this battle will be his last. During this final battle is left with only one person to stand by him as every other warrior has fled. With the help of this lone warrior Beowulf is able to defeat the dragon, but not before being mortally
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