Who Is The Most Admirable Character In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Character Essay Racism and segregation were a harsh reality in the 1930’s, but some characters handled it differently than others. Although many other characters can be considered to have a multitude of admirable qualities, Mama handled segregation and racism the most admirably and deserves the Most Admirable Character Award. Many qualities of Mama prove that she deserves the Most Admirable Character Award. Some of these qualities are that she is calm, laid back, and understands people. One of the ways she demonstrated these qualities was when she was calm during her confrontation with Mrs.Crocker after Little Man refused to take his book. During the meeting with Mrs.Crocker, Mrs.Crocker was very infuriated and insisted on Little Man being punished. Mama listened and responded calmly during the meeting and fixed the problem by gluing paper over the offensive word on the cover of the book. She also didn 't make matters worse by getting mad at her kids. Mama didn 't do this because she understood why they were mad and why they did what they did. She understood what it was like to be put down or pinpointed as a lower class citizen. These qualities of Mama alienated her from the other…show more content…
Mama believes that students should attain knowledge about racism, slavery, and segregation even though it’s not taught in the book. She calls these subjects “radical” subjects as they relate to most of her student’s lives. Mama believes that learning about their true past is more important than learning the biased version taught in the books. This act gets Mama caught and fired. Even though Mama had gotten fired for the subjects she taught her students, she did not regret her actions. Through this she demonstrated that she will stand up for what she believes in even if it means getting fired from the job she worked her whole life to

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