Who Is The Narrator In The House That Vanished

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“The House that Vanished” tells the story of a young girl who is lured by a predator from a schoolyard into his home. The narrator, who is the predator, and also the protagonist speaks in first person and delivers the story in a form similar to a monologue. This can be seen as a monologue because through out the entire story he is the only person that is vocal. Because he is the only one vocal, the narrator conveys his fantastical perspective uninterrupted and without anyone contradicting him. Through his voice, he openly visualizes about the things he plans to do with the young girl in the house. He explains to the audience how he once thought of himself and what he admires about the young girl. The monologue structure shows the power effects of him being in total control of this narrative. Furthermore, it gives a one-sided view of the story as he presents the young girl’s innocence as alternately that of a child and that of an adult maiden, and later blames her for his abuse of her. The one-sided view is reinforced by the fact that their monologue masquerades as a dialogue throughout, the narrator tells the story as he is addressing the young girl, “you” but still only he speaks and even reports for her what she said.…show more content…
He states earlier in the text that she was skeptical the first few times and he even, quotes the young girl in the story “what’s your name, old man, whose house is it, why do you want me to see it?” The choice to release this quote gives the audience more reason to be suspsious seeing how it is clear the young girl was unsure where she was and this creepy man she is with. His revelation of these questions of the child seems to make him appear weaker because he is openly showing her questioning his authority. However, although he appeared inconsistent and she was skeptical about him he still had enough power and patriarchal control to lure the girl
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