Who Is The Old Man In Tell Tale Heart

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In Tell Tale Heart the man is mysterious the man feels that the old man’s eye makes him feel uncomfortable and disgusted by the way his eye looks at him. In Monkeys Paw the sergeant warned the family about the book and the father and that fate will win and nothing comes from the book but grief and sorrow. In Tell Tale Heart the man feels as if he has powers and as if he’s smart about how’s he’s doing but the old man doesn’t have no clue what’s going on what so ever. The man in Tell Tale Heart explains himself into the story why, when, and how he’s going to kill the old man, although he waited for a week or so to finally take action because the old man eyes where always closed when he tried to kill him. In the Monkeys Paw the sergeant is…show more content…
Soon as the old man mad the sound of terror of fear which triggered the man which also ended the old man’s life to be ended by himself being squished to death by a mattress. In the Monkey’s Paw sooner or later the father makes the wish and as the sergeant said nothing good comes from the book and he meant as he said so therefore when he took a wish his life was in there hands well there sons life in that case. They found out the bad news about the son which caused the wife mostly great sorrow and pain knowing her precious son is gone. “Herbert is gone” the story’s they are showing that neither person in each story is very smart or that they think to play with a magic book or a creepy man preying on an old man to devour him all because of an
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