Who Is The Party In The Great Gatsby

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The Life of the Party in The Great Gatsby Many people have read The Great Gatsby which is a tragic and dramatic story; but only a few have realized that F. Scott Fitzgerald wants to show the world how money does not fix a person’s problems; it only makes them worse. Fitzgerald’s story, The Great Gatsby is narrated by Nick Carraway, a young man who was taught as a child to watch others but to never judge them. Nick starts his story by moving to West Egg in Long Island where he is seeking the excitement and adventure of the upper class. Then he buys a cottage next to a mysterious man named Jay Gatsby who is the talk of the city in every corner of the city he hears the name Gatsby. Nick follows the storyline by telling the events in his own…show more content…
like to host parties every day and show off all the money they, inviting all their friends and having a good time. The motif, or recurring symbol, in the story is the American Dream and dishonesty. For example, we learn from one of the young ladies gossiping that, “he 's a bootlegger” (Fitzgerald 61). This proves how Gatsby is dishonest and how he made his money. This can relate to the American Dream because we see a lot of dishonesty in people pursuing the American Dream. We can also see dishonesty in the book when Gatsby never talks about how he made all his money, and no one that attends the parties seem to know the truth about Gatsby 's wealth and his personal history. () In New York Gatsby was famous because of his elaborate parties that would go on every weekend in his mansion. In Gatsby 's parties we can also see all the money he has, his parties were very fancy and full of expensive things, his guests enjoyed of his luxurious mansion, they loved to be part of his parties because they would be able to enjoy his swimming pool, his beach, crates of fresh oranges and lemon, buffet tents in the gardens, and a beautiful live orchestra playing under the stars. And of course people getting drunk. People loved to be invited to his parties. This shows how gatsby 's concept of the “American Dream” was to be rich and buy all the friends he
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