Who Is The Protagonist In The 5th Wave

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Dev Patel
The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey - First book in Trilogy
Cassie, the protagonist in The 5th Wave is an orphan teenager fighting for survival against an alien invasion in order to save her brother, Sammy. She is one of the last humans on Earth.The aliens are destroying humanity on Earth through 4 Waves: Electricity power outage, natural disasters, a deadly virus, and human assassins. The 5th Wave is humanity destroying itself. These humans are killing each other for survival, doubting themselves for being aliens. At the end, Cassie manages to rescue Sammy through the help of Evan Walker and Ben Parish and destroys the military base, Camp Haven, for the aliens.
Throughout the story, Cassie stays determined when she faces challenges. One challenge was when she was getting chased by military officials. She never loses hope and believes that someday she will have Sammy. She endures and overcomes intense physical pain because she loves her brother and wants to rescue him. This shows her trait of tolerance and affection towards Sammy. Once, she got shot in the leg while running. However, she recovered and still wanted to fight in order to rescue her brother. In addition, Cassie uses her intelligence to save Sammy. Along her way, she has to make numerous decisions such as whether or not to trust Evan and Ben because they claimed that they will help her. She makes the right decision because at the end, she not only rescues her brother, but also destroys an important part of the
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Evan falls in love with Cassie and therefore, decides to help her. She is a short, cute teenager that has strawberry blonde curls. She has and knows how to use a M16 rifle. Cassie has many supplies with her, which help her during her fight for survival. To conclude, Cassie is a great character in The 5th Wave and it is very interesting to see how she rescues Sammy and overcomes numerous challenges that come in her
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