Who Is The Protagonist In The Adventure Of The Speckled Band

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The captivating and mysterious story “The Adventure of the Speckled Band,” written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, starred Sherlock Holmes and his assistant, Dr. Watson. Along with these two famous detectives, the other main characters were Helen Stoner and her stepfather, Dr. Roylott. The thrilling and suspenseful conundrum of the tale took place at Stoke Moran- the Roylott Manor- in April 1883. The mystery began with Helen Stoner arriving at Baker Street, the residence of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson; she informed them of her sister’s peculiar death and of her stepfather’s cruel behavior. Helen had found herself fearing for her life, due to Dr. Roylott’s cruel and abusive actions; not only that, but the main concern she opposed was determining…show more content…
Watson, being his loyal and brave companion, agreed as well. The mystery advanced as an aggressive Dr. Roylott rudely intruded on the two detectives, just as they were about to leave. Dr. Roylott threatened them, telling them to avoid his property and his business. Despite the doctor’s warning, the detectives continued on to Stoke Moran that afternoon, where they began their search for clues. Sherlock Holmes’ persistence drove him to conquer Helen’s fears. In addition, Dr. Roylott’s intimidating demeanor constituted a challenge to Sherlock that he resolved to meet. As the rising action carried on, there were numerous interwoven conflicts that emerged. The first struggle was Helen Stoner versus Dr. Roylott, man versus man. Helen wished to marry her fiancée; however, Dr. Roylott did not want her to take a third of the money he owned, which made this an external conflict. The second conflict was Sherlock Holmes versus Dr. Roylott, man versus man. Sherlock Holmes had been investigating Stoke Moran in an endeavor to find the murderer against Dr. Roylott’s wishes, therefore specifying that it was an external conflict. The third encounter was Dr. Roylott against society, man versus society. Dr. Roylott was reputed to be a heartless and abusive criminal in town; thus, the town condemned him and his behavior, displaying that the conflict was both external and internal. All of these conflicts intertwined with each other, which created an anxious mood and a serious tone. These proceedings led to the turning point of the story, the
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