Who Is The Protagonist In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, figuring out the true protagonist is can be difficult because there are so many characters that could be the protagonist. Some people might say that Scout is the protagonist because she is the narrator and also the main character, but that does not make her the protagonist. The next thing that someone might say is that Jem is the protagonist because he changes so much, and he becomes more responsible, choosing to do the right thing more often than not. In reality, the true protagonist is Atticus, and this is because he is the one who tries to pass his values of right and wrong on to Jem and Scout. Atticus always does what is right, regardless of what other people think. For example, he takes Tom Robinson's case when no other lawyers would. "'I’m simply defending a Negro—his name’s Tom Robinson. He lives in that little settlement beyond the town dump. He’s a member of Calpurnia’s church, and Cal knows his family well. She says they’re clean-living folks. Scout, you aren’t old enough to understand some things yet, but there’s been some high talk around town to the effect that I shouldn’t do much about defending this man.'" Tom Robinson (a black man) was wrongly by Bob…show more content…
" During the trial, Atticus proved that Tom Robinson was innocent, by questioning both Bob and Mayella Ewell. The biggest issue was that the right side of Mayella's face was bruised as if she was brutally beaten, but Tom Robinson's left arm is crippled, and if he hit her with his right arm, the bruising would be on the left side of her face. Jem gets really emotional after the trial because he knows that Tom was innocent and that he was wrongly
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