Who Is Theodore Roosevelt's Personifications Of Foreign Evil

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Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States who reigned from 1901-1909. He was young at the time he became president but very energetic. He believed in his manly virtues and thus always encouraging the people of the country to pursue same. Due to his presidential powers, he was able to do some adjustments in the government system. He was of the fact that a capitalist industrial economy has succeeded in rendering government useless. In the article “The Democratic Language of American Imperialism: Race, Order, and Theodore Roosevelt’s Personifications of Foreign Evil”, the author explained how Theodore Roosevelt viewed government. The author described him as one modern man who not only live and think in the old way but always trying to bring an improvement into the government system and country as a whole. According to the article, “Roosevelt’s words unlock the man’s worldview”. He viewed the system as being a distinctive one between each nation. Roosevelt conception of the international system was displayed in a way that simplifies a progressive change and order at the same time. He also believed that government should show a great leadership style while maintaining the rights of the citizens of the nation. He believed in imposing order on lesser…show more content…
His notions are well rooted in his support for imperialism. This is evident in one of his statements “Either it is or it is not your duty to establish and keep order,” he insisted to British colonial administrators. “If you feel that you have not the right to be in Egypt, if you do not wish to establish and keep order there, why then by all means get out” so that some other more responsible and capable nation might do the job. He was all about being accountable for one’s action. Roosevelt argued for a better control by the government over the
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