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Electro Man – Thomas Edison

Light guards you through the dark. Light is a very important material in one’s life. The man who invented the light bulb is a true hero. In fact, his name is Thomas Edison who is a very intelligent, hardworking, and passionate man.
Electro- Man invented the light bulb; because of him people are able to walk around and do their jobs well. Thomas made an invention that will never die out. Society will always need a way to lead themselves through the dark. Edison invented many things that have been very useful to the homosapien community, such as a motion picture camera, phonograph, and the long lasting light bulb. Inventions don’t come easy they take time and effort. Edison had ideas that he brought
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Edison even stated that, “I have not failed. I’ve just found a thousand ways that will not work.” Edison never gave up on his dreams, he tried and tried and if one task simply did not work he would try something new. Edison is a hero because he displays qualities of hero. He never gave up on his dreams, he may not have succeeded right away, but that never stopped him from accomplishing his dreams. Edison was very gifted and invented over a thousand innovations. His dedications to his work shows that he is a strong man; even if it takes several tries for an invention to be a success. He is willing to endure that failure. Edison spent many hours working to benefit the life’s of others.
Edison was very passionate about his work otherwise he wouldn’t be very successful. Inventors test their ideas numerous times and fix little things at a time until progress is made. They are strong minded and determined to make a difference in the world. Edison is one of these inventors, which is why he was so successful. He had a strong heart and didn’t let his failures get the best of him. Once he fell he got back up on his saddle and went back to work. He used his knowledge and gave it to other people instead of being selfish (entrepreneur).
In conclusion Edison will forever hold a place in society’s hearts. All of his will and determination made him successful and are the reasons he is a hero. Failure in the beginning doesn’t mean there isn’t success at the

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