Who Is To Blame For Alexander The Great's Death

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One of the greatest men in history died at the peak of his success in a terribly miserable manner due to his lack of greatness. Alexander the Great was named Alexander “the Great” for a reason. He was one of the most celebrated conquerors in history, who never lost a battle. All the Greeks admired Alexander the Great and his remarkable conquering skills. However when he was at the peak of his greatness and was about to receive honors, he died a sudden death. There have been many theories regarding how Alexander the Great died, but none were proven. Even though the events leading to Alexander the Great 's death will never be proven, much evidence points to his drinking as the reason for his demise. By the age of 33, Alexander the Great conquered…show more content…
Even after Cleitus death Alexander the Great continued to drink whether it be in his free time, or at parties. Alexander the Great was to stubborn to change his ways after killing his general Cleitus and seemed to learn nothing from the situation. One night Alexander the Great was out at a party drinking as normal when he suddenly became feverish. “He had been drinking at a private party the night before with his senior staff, and after returning from his quarters he became feverish.” It came as no surprise that Alexander the Great got sick from his drinking as he was addicted and just could not stop. Alexander the Great was addicted to liquor and his addiction led him to feel sick. Some theories are that on this night Alexander the Great was poisoned, and had a sudden back pain but this is not the case. “Alexander drank all night. That night and the next day till he at last found a fever coming on him…[Alexander the Great] did not, however experience sudden pain in his back.” Alexander the Great drank all day and all night. This is the reason his fever came about not because he was poisoned it is because he was addicted to drinking. Alexander the Great 's drinking caused him to have a sudden fever. At this point Alexander the Great drinking and fever put him in a terrible…show more content…
Because Alexander the Great was weakened by both his drinking and fever, he was vulnerable. Any of his enemies who wanted to hurt him had their chance. Some of those enemies were Antipater, his tutor Aristotle, and any of the generals that may have turned against him. The one who most likely murder Alexander the Great was Antipater, Antipater had worked for Alexander the Great 's father Philip. Antipitar may have had a reason to kill Alexander the Great as, “Alexander sent orders for [Antipitar] to surrender his post and report to Babylon.” Antipater was not very happy with Alexander the Great for this decision as well as killing one of his companions Cleitus. Antipitar saw an opportunity to poison the great Alexander as he was at his weakest point. Antipitar then collected the poison from the styx river and made a plan to kill Alexander the Great. After he collected the poison, “Antipater sent with his son a draught toxic water that was collected from the legendary river Styx.” Antipater sent his son to a party that Alexander the Great had to attend. Even with his fever Alexander the Great was told he had to attend a party and continued to drink. Antipater son found a way to get the poison into Alexander the Great drink as Alexander the Great wine pourer looked away. Then Alexander the Great drank the wine and that’s when, “Alexander cried out from a stabbing pain in his back after drinking a goblet of wine.” Alexander the Great had gotten poisoned, and died shortly after in

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