Who Is To Blame For Mercutio's Death

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Death and tragedy engulf the people of Verona, who is to blame for this big mess? If you go back to the beginning of William Shakespeare 's play “Romeo and Juliet” it is easy to see this tragedy wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for Mercutio and his tendency to meddle in other people’s lives. First he convinced Romeo that his love for Rosaline wasn’t worth it and he needed to get over her. He then led Romeo to his horrific fate when he forced Romeo to crash the Capulet party, where he would first meet his future bride Juliet. If it weren’t for his arrogance and selfishness Mercutio and Tybalt wouldn’t have gotten in a fight, causing Romeo’s banishment. If Mercutio wouldn’t have gotten involved in this sensitive situation He, Romeo, Juliet, Paris, Lady Montague and Tybalt wouldn’t have died. Romeo was heartbroken by a girl named Rosaline and if it weren’t for Mercutio they probably would have ended up together. Mercutio being one of Romeo’s best friends was able to convince Romeo that Rosaline wasn’t worth the pain and sorrow that he was going through. In…show more content…
Finally, Mercutio got himself and Tybalt killed, and Romeo banished because of his arrogance and selfishness. Tybalt and Mercutio met in the streets and since they were enemies they pulled out their swords and dueled. Granted they were both cocky teenage boys wanting to show off, but they started a long trail of deaths. The Prince of Verona said that if anyone was caught in the streets fighting they would be put to death. Romeo didn’t want his new wife’s cousin Tybalt or his best friend Mercutio to die, so he tried to break the up the sword fight. But Mercutio being the hot-headed guy he is didn’t listen to Romeo and kept fighting Tybalt and got killed in the process. Before Mercutio dies, he says, "A plague on both your houses." (3.1.102) putting a curse on the Montague and Capulet houses. Coincidentally in the next few days there are five more deaths in the Capulet and Montague families all thanks to
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