Who Is To Blame For Muggs's Death

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One incident where Mother blamed someone for Muggs biting her was on page 1 paragraph 3 where mother says “I wouldn’t be associated with such a man. Muggs could read him like a book”. another incident where mother took his side was on page 2 paragraph 4 where it states that she always used the fact that he never bit someone more than once as an argument in his favor; furthermore, on page 2 paragraph 5 Muggs bit the ice man and mother 's reaction to it was to immediately blame the ice man for it. She said that if he wouldn 't have thought Muggs would bite him he wouldn 't have. on page 3 paragraph 7 is says that Muggs bit quite a few people and that it was not the fault of mugs but of the people that were bitten. “When he starts for them
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