Who Is To Blame For Ocean Pollution

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Should water companies be blamed for the pollution of the ocean? Plastic and garbages have been polluting our water for years. Many people who litter on the ocean have been a harm to the fish and marine mammals. The marine plastic pollution has impacted about 267 species worldwide. This includes 86% sea turtles species and 44% of all sea birds species. Plastic pollution has impacted them with fatalities such as ingestion, starvation, suffocation and infections. Water bottle company 's shouldn 't take the blame for the pollution. I think that the people who litter and throw away their rubbish in the oceans are responsible for it. People who litter are harming the ocean and making it dirty that has cause a lot of animals to die. Animals such as fish, sea turtles and birds that end up getting sick because of…show more content…
It is the largest ocean garbage in the world. About 90 percent of all trash floating in the ocean has become worse each year. One million seabirds and hundred- thousand mammals died because of plastics in the ocean filled up it has come to a tragedy. Sea turtles and a variety of fishes were found with plastic bags around their body’s. Researchers found a thousand- five hundred particles per square mile. The garbage did not only just clog the water but the chemicals in the plastic bottles that can affect the fish the people farm in for a living that could change their life habits and animals that could go in extinct. Plastics have been entering the ocean every year and has become worse since now. By this problem we can start recycling water bottles that we see so we can start making it to use again instead of littering our ocean with plastic that has become a disaster. Not only the ocean is filled up with garbage but it also can cause infections in the water. People who also like to fish can come to end for fishing in the oceans because of this people may no longer fish
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