Who Is To Blame For Romeo And Juliet's Suicide

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Romeo and Juliet’s suicides must leave someone to blame. The young couple killed themselves for what seemed like adequate reasons at the time, but in actuality weren’t the correct reasons they had thought, which led up to their deaths. This may lead you to believe that their suicides are only their faults, which in a way of course they are. It was their choice to do the damage done to themselves, but really when it comes down to it all, their suicides only lead fate to blame. When Romeo had thought that Juliet died, he no longer felt the need to be living. He drank poison and died on the spot. Juliet soon woke up and saw her love, lying dead. She then drew his sword and took her life away as well. Although Juliet’s cousin ,Tybalt, and Romeo’s…show more content…
When he killed Mercutio, he knew there would be consequences and he knew there would be trouble so he tried to get out of there as fast as possible as Mercutio slowly died. Romeo had eventually caught up with him, got into a fight with him and killed him, which led him to be banned. If Tybalt had not come and started anything in the first place with Mercutio or Romeo, Romeo wouldn’t have gotten banned and would have heard of how Juliet wasn’t actually dead and would not have killed himself, which would have also prevented her from killing herself. In this quote from when Tybalt was starting arguments with Romeo and Mercutio, he states “Boy, this shall not excuse the injuries That thou hast done me. Therefore turn and draw” (Act III Scene I). This quote is explaining how Tybalt is using the family rivalry against Romeo when Romeo was just trying to be civil about the whole situation. If he hadn’t been so rude back to Romeo when he was just trying to be nice, there would not be such a huge problem and there is a chance Romeo and Juliet’s deaths would have never
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