Who Is To Blame For Romeo And Juliet Death

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Capulet Juliet found tragically shot dead in her tomb along with Romeo, a Montague. The two feuding families bury the hatchet in the silent streets of Verona after this unexplained, tragic death occurred involving the two opposing families, a Montague and a Capulet. Juliet was found dead next to her other half, Romeo. Detectives are still scrutinizing the death of these two unfortunate teenagers. Detective Wilson reports; “Although it is clear that Juliet was alive before she got shot, it is uncertain if this was a homicide or an unsettling murder”. Despite the fact that Juliet was stabbed, Romeo died with a sip of a noxious, herbal potion. Latest developments state that Romeo and Juliet were established by the priest of Verona , Freire Lawrence at the dead of night in the haunting church of Verona. “The bloodcurdling of our joy will scar me…show more content…
He seemed that he was in a very big rush” This statement left detectives with more questions such as was this really a murder or was it a romantic tragedy? Additionally, Juliet was thought to be dead when she was found by Paris (her fiancé) early Thursday morning the day she was supposed to get married to Paris. Juliet was colorless and appeared to be dead. Her body was left in the church, where her funeral was held. Police have revealed that Juliet was alive before she got shot. This was proven by the help of doctors and detectives and was illustrated through the blood that Juliet shed after she was shot. Considering. Romeo and Juliet come from two different families that have battled over the past decade has resolved this feud. The two families have gathered together in the streets of grief the two misfortunate teenagers lives lost due to hatred between the two
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