Who Is To Blame For Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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The concept of blame is extremely prevalent within the play, “Romeo and Juliet,” written by William Shakespeare. More precisely, whose fault it is for the death of the two star crossed lovers for which whom are the protagonists. There are many different opinions on the topic of whose fault it is for the death of Romeo and Juliet, but it is very widely thought to be Friar Lawrence’s fault, along with Romeo and Juliet, for the unanticipated death of the two star crossed lovers. Friar Lawrence is the member of the church who married Romeo and Juliet in act II scene III of the play. The friar did not truly put much thought into his decision to marry the two young kids. He was fully aware of how short of time they had known each other, that Romeo had just ended a previous relationship, that Juliet was in preparation to marry Paris, and of the intense feud between their two families. Instead of seeing their matrimony as impulsive and irresponsible, he found it to be a good way to resolve the feud between their two families, thus releasing tension between all of Fair Verona. In act II scene III, Romeo first asks the Friar to marry them, at first the Friar seems to be a bit against the idea, as anyone would be. Soon though, without much convincing from Romeo, he changes his mind and agrees to marry them that day. Not only did the Friar make a mistake in marrying the two, he is the one who helped Juliet fake her own death in order for her to escape her impending marriage with Paris

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