Who Is To Blame For The Holocaust

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The Holocaust The Holocaust is one of the more well known events in history, it’s a really bad time to be in but this did happen to these people and for no reason. The Holocaust is when the Nazi’s from Germany attacked the Jews Adolf Hitler led this attack and he and his men wiped out approximately 6,000,000 Jews. The reason for this was Hitler entered Germany into the olympics thinking he would win easily. Well he soon found out that he wasn’t the best and he lost. He needed someone to blame for his loss so he decided to blame the Jews. He had no reason to go and blame Jewish people but he needed a escape route away from losing so, he and his men killed as many Jews as they could by starving, shooting, and bringing them on death walks. All the survivors of Hitler normally went to concentration camps where they were separated from their family. Such as their being a family of 3 a boy a father and a mother, normally the boy would go to one concentration camp the father went to another and the mother went to different one.…show more content…
Now you might think why don’t they just leave, well a Nazi from hitler 's men might be where you are headed and running into to them while being a Jew wasn’t that good of an Idea. Now you were able to walk down the street you know if you weren 't a Jew, a Nazi at any time has the right to ask for you papers if they show that you are a Jew they often kill you. Some people would hide and have food and all but once they find that you have been hiding you most likely would get killed asap or they would just starve you. Maybe you could hide for the right amount of time but you would probably be too sick to stay alive. At the concentration camps you were put to work just like a slave, if you refused an order you die if you don’t do something right unless you 're really lucky you die. So in this time period either do what you are told right or
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