Who Is To Blame In Animal Farm

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3 Reasons Why Animals Are To Blame In Animal Farm Everyone has their own opinions, literally, everyone, even animals who are able to communicate and manage their farm. In the novel by George Orwell, Animal Farm, the owners of the farm, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, abandon the neglected animals after they chose to take over the farm. The pigs are in charge, and it escalates to when the rest of the animals are neglected and starve. The animals need to have a plan of action to fight against Napoleon and his pig followers. However, they don’t, the animals are at fault for letting Napoleon's’ power overwhelm the animals and even take their lives. Napoleon’s rise to power is at stake for the animals and they should be the ones who should step up against…show more content…
Jessie roams around the farm a lot; for she is a farm dog. Therefore, she gathered all the evidence of the pigs’ behaviour as to developing human characteristics and tell the other animals so they could plan rebellion against Napoleon, “...and out came Napoleon himself, majestically upright, casting haughty glances from side to side and with his dogs gambolling around him” (Orwell, 32). Having this explained means Jessie found out what the pigs were doing, besides not helping the farm, which was becoming human-like to the point where Jessie couldn’t tell the difference between humans and pigs. An opposition to this is how Napoleon took authority for word and changed the farms rules about “four legs good, two legs better” (Orwell, 31). According to this Napoleon benefits only for himself by changing the rules because he doesn’t want to be accused of anything that was first set as rules. However, Napoleon uses false dilemma logical fallacy to have the animals believe and trust him. Overall, Jessie is responsible for not leading the pack of animals and taking her position against Napoleon with her findings of
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