Who Is To Blame In Romeo And Juliet

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Who did it? Who was responsible for this whole fiasco? Well, in this play of life and death everyone had a part to play in this drama. Otherwise, it would be a one man show, but there is one person that could have nipped this bud of a tragedy before it bloomed and eventually wilted and died. Before you get your sleuth on to try and figure out who done did it. You should know what their crime is in this story. Created by the world renowned, William Shakespeare, and this story of true and undefeatable love, Romeo & Juliet. This story takes place in 1300s in the fair city of Verona, where the Montagues and Capulets have a feud that has been waging war between the two. Amidst this family feud, two lovers each from another family meet. Stricken…show more content…
“Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast.” (Shakespeare 2.3.101). In the beginning he said not to rush into a relationship, but then he willingly marries the two even though they went really fast. Even though he said to go slow he still married them.
Friar Lawrence is also the most to blame for the events that occur in Romeo and Juliet because he didn’t tell others what was going on. He could have told Romeo’s parents that Romeo was in love or even married to Juliet. Instead, he waited for them to figure it out for themselves. He could have told Juliet’s parents that she was actually alive when they were burying her. “Your part in her you could not keep from death, But heaven keeps his part in eternal life.” (Shakespeare 4.5.75-76).
He just flat out lied to her parents. He could have told them that she was actually alive, she just was asleep. If had told them, they would not have put her in the tomb and Romeo would have not seen her dead and killed herself. Then Juliet wouldn’t have seen Romeo dead and killed herself. Paris would probably still be alive too. This whole chapter of the story would have gone very differently if Friar Lawrence simply said something, but instead he decided to remain
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