Who Is To Blame In Romeo And Juliet's Death

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“Romeo, who lies there dead, was the husband of that Juliet. And she, who lies there dead, was that Romeo’s faithful wife. I married them; their secret wedding day was the day Tybalt died. His untimely death caused the bridegroom to be banished from the city,”(5.3.281, Shakespeare) In William Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet, the deaths of the two title characters are both Romeo and Juliet. Much could have been done to prevent their suicides, but these “star-crossed lovers” ultimately are not able to avoid their destiny. A series of unfortunate circumstances result in disaster, and although many people could be to blame for their deaths, both Romeo and Friar Laurence plays a particularly integral role. He was the adviser to Romeo and Juliet. He kept their secret and helped them be together. Another topic I will be covering is love at first sight.

Romeo and Juliet went to Friar Lawrence for advice during their difficult moments. In the beginning of the story, Romeo thinks he’s in love with Rosaline. As she does not return his affections, Benvolio tells him that he should forget her and find another woman but Romeo doesn’t budge. While this is happening, Pairs is wanting to marry Juliet so he invites her to a Capulet ball where Rosaline is also attending. Through a Capulet servant, Romeo finds out that Rosaline is attending. Benvolio suggests to Romeo that they should attend in hopes of finding another woman. Although in Romeo’s mind, he is just attending because
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