Who Is To Blame In Shakespeare's Hamlet?

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Hamlet is a horrible heir to the throne: not because he dithers too much, but because he has almost no impulse control. If he has a thought, it is going to come out of his mouth. I believe a major reason he feigns madness is because he knows this about himself. He knows he won 't be able to help giving himself away and getting out of control. So he covers it with "Don 't mind me. I 'm a crazy person."

He can 't even contain himself during his Mousetrap plot and almost wrecks it by making continuous offensive comments through the entire play.

Claudius, on the other hand, shows every sign of being a great king. He 's calm, attentive, smart, courteous, and he pays attention to his advisors. There is the glaring issue that he killed his brother, but if you 'd ask me who I 'd rather have as my king, I 'd much prefer Claudius to
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It 's interesting to speculate as to why the Danes passed over Hamlet and chose Claudius as their ruler. We know it 's partly because, by marrying him, Gertrude (who was their queen) gave Claudius a seal of approval. But I suspect the electors were also leery of being ruled

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