Who Is Ulysses S. Grant A War Hero?

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Ulysses S. Grant was a very important figure in American history. Not only was he the nation 's 18th president he was also a war hero. He commanded the union army during the Civil War. From his victory over the Confederacy Grant took on the task of working to implement Congressional Reconstruction and the removal of slavery. Grant was born in 1822 in Ohio. Grant reluctantly attended West Point against his will and graduated middle of his class. While he was not meant to do much by the time the Civil War arose Grant whipped into shape to become one of the greatest leaders of all time. It didn 't take him long to move up the ranks. In September of 1861 grant had mentioned had moved up the rank of brigadier general. His first victory took place in February 1862 when he successfully took control of Fort Henry which landed him a promotion to major general. His demanding ways and mind set along with the hunger for victory made him very successful. His career almost came to an end when there were demands for his removal after the bloodiest battle in the west. The demands for his removal were quickly overturned by president Lincoln. After this, more victories…show more content…
With the Civil War won, Grant took the next step of military career to become commander and chief of the United States of America. Being president then led to the darkest time of his career. By accepting gifts from admirers and allowing himself to be seen with two spectators Grant allowed a scheme to corner the market in gold to be taken place. While attempting to prevent it by selling enough gold to ruin their plans, the spectators had already wrought havoc with business. These mistake led trouble for Grant when re-election was about to take place. Liberal Republicans Reformers attacked Grant during re-election, but Grant rebundled saying they were “narrow-minded men.” Although having committed mistakes and not having everyone by his side, Grant still had a vision for his country and was re-elected for a second
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